In order to perform any Bike activity successfully, it is necessary to study, plan and recreate the ideal atmosphere. We have to respect the environment, at the same time we guarantee fun and entertainment.

The tracks

Designing bike tracks is one of our stronger abilities: the quality and prestige of our products stand out. Famous international riders support most of our facilities.

The “Bike Park” Project consists on the creation of a park where bikes, sport activities and amusement are the greatest protagonists. This type of parks are usually built in special places that meet the requirements to fulfil everyone’s demands. We make the most of our facilities at the same time we respect the environment. In our park, many activities are available all year long and suitable for everyone.

El programa de actividades que puede ofrecer un Bike Park es muy amplio y variable en función de diferentes condicionantes, nosotros las dividimos en tres secciones


We can offer many different activities as a Bike Park: specific activities such as Cross Country, Dirt Jump, Down Hill, Four Cross or Pump Truck or complementary activities such as workshops, talks, concerts, other sports or cookery, suitable for everyone.


Related events

Bike Parks contribute to the geographical, social, economic and environmental activity of a place: they foment sports and the respect for nature at the same time they produce new working possibilities.

It is a novel, attractive and fun product: show goes hand in hand with technique and effort to offer an ensemble of unforgettable sensations.

In our Bike Park proposals, we offer different alternatives both technically and economically, with feasibility, development and profitability plans.