The bike world is still growing, but also supported by many people whose loyalty is as high as their expectations. The demand of Bike events is growing thanks to the new disciplines developed by the Bikers themselves and the additional activities demanded by the environment.

In Promotion Sport, we are leaders in the development of all kind of events and shows, since we adapt to the clients’ demands and we contribute new ideas, which captivates the audience and makes us stand out.

The whole process takes place in our technical department (building and exploitation of the facilities and roads), granting important aspects such as level alternatives and the maximum adaptation to the ground, innovation and creativity.

Public Riders Novelty Convivencia

There are various types of events and shows based on our clients’ necessities, characterised by quality and innovation. The main point of our events and shows is enjoying a day in which sports, nature and entertainment are mixed. We provide a complete service, including bars, WC, safety, merchandising, public address system…

The following are some of the most usual events:

  • Acrobatic leap in wooden or stone platforms
  • Holes and waves tracks
  • Trial races and exhibitions
  • Workshops and training
  • Bike presentations

These events are accompanied by the best food, music and lighting.