Teaching courses related to the Bike world is one of Promotion Sport’s services. In our school “Promotion Bike School,” there are many types of courses and workshops to improve your experiences on the two wheels. One of the most successful courses is “Road Safety.”

This course is aimed at kids and youngsters and its main goal is to teach the basic rules of the riding of a bike. This increases safety and improves the cohabitation with the rest of vehicles and pedestrians.

Thus, kids learn traffic regulations, the basic rules of the cohabitation of vehicles and pedestrians and values such as caution, respect and responsibility.

In these courses, kids learn to know the bike, the use and the right placing of protections and safety components, as well as the basic circulation rules and traffic signs. Above all, they learn about dangerous circumstances and their consequences.

Through games in small urban simulation circuits, kids learn about traffic safety, at the same time their technique and skills on the bike improve.

This methodology is fun and effective, so the kids themselves ask for this kind of activities.

Nowadays we are preparing the courses and workshops for the summer campaign. Mainly, they take place in our facilities in Bike Park Outeiro in Vilalba (Lugo). However, we are organizing a series of itinerant workshops for places around Galicia.

Besides the courses on traffic safety, we also have other relevant Bike courses: Bike riding (levels I, II and III), Bike mechanics, physical training in cycling, bikes and its setting, BTT experience, Racing BTT and the ones dealing with specific techniques such as Dirt Jump, Trial, Four Cross and BMX.

One of the main qualities of PROMOTIONSPORT is our desire of self-improvement, which is why we created the Promotion Bike School. This is a new project addresses young riders and any enthusiast who wants to improve.

Following the goal to encourage learning and the technique improvement of the riders, we prepared a series of teaching activities that include all the disciplines and levels. We combine our magnificent facilities and the best teachers.

We adapt and combine different varieties of teaching activities. This is how we guarantee they are fun, entertaining and suitable for everyone.